Forms & Permits

Burning Permits are only available at

Building Permits are issued by Eau Claire County Planning and Development

Dog Licenses

The following are the rates for 2022 Dog Licenses

Spayed Female/Neutered Male - $10.00

Unaltered Male/Female - $25.00

Multiple Dogs - $45.00 (Only use if less than using above fees for more than one dog. )

To obtain a dog license: 

Mail the actual rabies vaccination certificate (not a billing statement) which will be returned to you along with your payment to: 

Town of Brunswick
W6265 Spehle Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701 

Payments must be made by April 1st of the licensing year or at the age of 5 months if after April 1st. If a dog has been spayed or neutered after the rabies vaccination, please send along verification from your veterinarian. 

New dog licenses are available during the collection of real estate taxes each year. Feel free to include the dog license payment (separate check preferred) and verifications when mailing in your property tax payment. 

Thank you,
Deb Heath, Treasurer
Town of Brunswick
[email protected]